About LocalStove

LocalStove is a curated marketplace that connects corporate catering customers with the best independent local cooks for office meetings and events. We provide a discovery platform for companies to choose the right food based on budget, group size, and menu preferences. We offer local cooks a web presence, marketing, payment processing, and logistics support. Our food is authentic, unique, and memorable, and our process is simple.

LocalStove’s mission is two-fold. First, we aim to open up a world of exciting and authentic food options that literally does not exist anywhere else, from family recipes passed down through generations to unique and cutting-edge culinary creations. Second, we strive to enable and empower thousands of independent cooks to run their own small businesses and earn a living doing what they love.

Greg Dubin and Steve Finn founded LocalStove while getting their MBAs at Wharton Business School. Frustrated by the endless stream of pizza and subs and jealous of the students who brought home cooked meals with them, Steve and Greg started offering them money to cook extra portions for them too. Other students heard they were doing this and wanted to upgrade their food experience as well. So, they recruited a few amateur cooks, set up a basic website and LocalStove was born! Since then, LocalStove has served thousands of meals to hundreds of companies, and we continue to add new cooks to our network and satisfy customers every day.