Chicken Masala

By Cook gayatri chopra

$13.00 Per Person


• Chicken Masala

Marinated chicken cooked in a tomato based masala sauce

• Daal Fry

Curry based stewed lentil

• Basmati Rice


Minimum Number of People Per Order: 4

Maximum Number of People Per Order: 25


gayatri chopra - (4)

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India - anyone who is familiar with Indian food knows our love for rich, spicy and aromatic food. After moving to the United States two years ago, I found myself craving home cooked meals that I had taken for granted. Thus began my daily FaceTime sessions with my mother, learning recipes for Indian food and searching for the hundreds of ingredients and spices in the aisles of Target. I can now proudly say I that I have mastered 15-20 authentic Indian dishes - Butter chicken, kadhai chicken, mutton curry, daal makhni, daal fry, cumin potatoes, etc., and still learning new ones everyday. I have had no professional training but I seem to have inherited my mother's flair in the kitchen, along with our family recipes handed down through generations.

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