Mini Appetizer Puffs

By Cook Nancy Nguyen


48 pieces min. Choice of filling: Spinach Ricotta & Roasted Garlic, Ham & Asiago Cheese, Beef & Asiago/Provolone Cheese, Turkey/Black Bean/Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, Vegetarian Buffalo "Chicken"


Nancy Nguyen - (116)

A PASSION + A FOODIE TRAVELER = ME This line sums up who I am in very few words. I love to travel and I love to cook! I bring inspirations from my international travels to your plate. Growing up on authentic home-cooked Vietnamese food while eating American food in school cafés, and extensive traveling experiences bring many flavors to my kitchen. As an art director by trade, I am constantly thinking outside the "spice" box and love coming up with fresh new twists on the classics. When I'm not cooking, I'm being a culture soaker by checking out new places/cities and food to try, and also writing recipes and food blogs. I hope you enjoy some of my creations on here!

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