Taquito Meal

By Cook Sofia Deleon

$13.00 Per Person

Pick 2 types of Taquitos:

-Chorizo Panela

-Three Chile Chicken

-Squash and Queso Fresco (Veg)


Also Includes:

Arroz Con Elote (Rice with cheese, corn, and jalepenos)


Pickled Red Onions




Tres Leches Cupcakes - $3 per person


Sofia Deleon - (31)

I'm born and raised in Guatemala City, GUA. I started cooking at 4, and started making a business out my cooking at 12- after my brother gave me an ice cream machine and I decided to sell the ice cream at school. I then catered to friends and family events throughout high school. Senior year, I knew that for college I wanted to study business because eventually I wanted to be an entrepreneur myself. So I went to Michigan State University, graduated with a BS in Food Industry Management and am now completing my Food Marketing MBA at St. Joe's. Throughout this time I realized there was a disconnect between the perception of Central America north of the border (people associate it with immigrants, crime, third world issues) and what it really was (Mayan cradle, endless colors, extreme sports and nature). I decided I wanted to make it my life's mission to represent my country through food. So here I am- in the process of opening a brick and mortar- but wanting to build awareness and a following first. The things I cook may represent items that could have a place on my menu.

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