Greg Dubin


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About Greg

My love for cooking and food began as a little kid, helping out in my grandfather's restaurant. There was no greater joy for him than making people happy by feeding them amazing food. I've embraced this value and have spent my life learning recipes, experimenting with new techniques and feeding my friends and family. I'm so excited to now have the opportunity to share my creations with the rest of the world!Much of my culinary experience comes from my travels, where I always take time to learn about local ingredients, dishes and cooking techniques. I like cooking many types of cuisines, but truly specialize in healthy Middle Eastern and Mediterranean delicacies, like those from Morocco, Greece, Egypt and Israel.

What spice defines you, and why?

Hawaij - It's versatile, packs a lot of flavor and is memorable for anyone who experiences it!

Available For Catering Orders

  • Classic Israeli Meal
  • Chicken Pesto and Pasta Salad Lunch
  • Tropical Sweet Chilli Shrimp Dinner

Previously Offered

  • Israeli Shakshouka
  • Grilled Pesto Chicken With Lemon-Orzo Salad
  • Sweet and Smoky Vegetarian Beet Burgers
  • Coconut Sweet Chili Shrimp and Pineapple Kabobs with Lime-Onion Slaw
  • Moroccan Chicken and Chickpea Tagine
  • Zucchini "Zoodle" Pasta with Turkey-Poblano Bolognese