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LocalStove subscription meals are the perfect solution for your office. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or a regular happy hour, LocalStove offers family-style meals that arrive on your schedule, from local, independent cooks in Philadelphia.

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Dietary Restrictions are the Norm

LocalStove knows how important food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences can be for individuals, which is why all catered meals accommodate your team’s dietary needs. Each menu that is prepared by the LocalStove team is tailored specifically to your team’s tastes and dietary needs. As you review the meals, they only get better!

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More Time to Get Your Actual Work Done

Ordering for your group is a time suck. When you sign up for a subscription, LocalStove takes care of the everything from creating menus to delivery and setup of each meal at your office. You spend less time on logistics and more time connecting with your team over lunch, making office meals something to look forward to.

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How a LocalStove Meal Subscription Works

1) Start with a one-on-one consultation so LocalStove can learn about your team. We need to know your group size, order frequency, dietary restrictions, and budget.

2) Connect during team lunch over family-style meals prepared by local, independent cooks.

3) Rate and review — future meals are further tailored based your team’s feedback!

4) Digest and repeat!

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